Thursday, February 01, 2007

Their Asses Will Be Crowned

Ever the prognosticator, Denny Green will be vindicated this Sunday night when the Chicago Bears win Super Bowl XLI. The Chicago Bears will be crowned 2007 NFL Championships. Sadly, Tank Johnson will not be going to Disneyland.

I know I had an initial prediction last week and who knows, maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow, but right now this is my Super Bowl prediction. For what it's worth, I'm usually pretty bad at these things.

For some reason I feel real good about the Bears chances this Sunday. Everyone else is expecting a Colts route. From my recollection, the opposite usually happens whenever everyone is certain. To me, the puzzling thing is how everyone is suddenly treating Goofy as if he's won multiple Super Bowls. Last I checked, he has no ring on his finger. Doesn't mean I wouldn't want him over Sexy, but let's calm down some. He still has not won a Super Bowl and really has not played particularly well in these playoffs. I just have a feeling that it was more about the Pats conservatism than Goofy's heroics. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did I miss some career-defining magical drive? Did Goofy pull one out of air? He was effective, but he did not leave even a memory, let alone a lasting memory. My guess is that the only memory (Addai's TD) will fade faster than the memory of "Fast" Willie Parker last year (admit it, that's the first memory you've had of Super Bowl XL since the game ended).

So here's how I see it going down. Goofy will lead the Colts down the field fairly easily but will get bogged down and have to settle for a field goal or two. The Bears will meander on offense for awhile until a long return from Devin Hester. This will be immediately followed by a poorly thrown pass from Sexy that winds up in a Berrian touchdown catch. After the kickoff (or on the return) there will be a bizarre turnover that the Bears will capitalize on with a run right after. Goofy will then start throwing 40 yard bombs on every play.

Now, the Colts will score. But the Bears will get pressure on Goofy and cause a few turnovers. I'm still liking the Bears, though in a closer game than I predicted earlier.

Da Bears 34, Horse 24

Sexy 1,672,102 Center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop 213


Anonymous Matt P said...

I love that you call him Goofy. I wish we could get together over some beers and watch it together, but oh well. At least we can mutually call him goofy now. Thanks for that.

2/02/2007 01:29:00 AM  
Blogger Tom G said...

I wish we could watch the game together too. Instead I'll be watching it with Ryan and Jen - a Colts fan and a Bears fan. At least someone will be happy at the end of the game

2/02/2007 09:14:00 AM  

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