Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Norv Turner LOSR 3.0

I'll admit to being somewhat saddened by the departure of Art Shell. And I'll definitely miss the inevitable Schottenheimer choke. But there's a God up there and thankfully yesterday he delivered. I'm of course talking about this:

SAN DIEGO (AP) -Considered by some to be the safe pick to take over the San
Diego Chargers, Norv Turner at least is starting in much better position than he
did in his previous two NFL head coaching jobs.
Turner was given a four-year
contract Monday to take over a team that went an NFL-best 14-2 before melting
down in the playoffs and then in the front office.

While the immediate reaction by fans was lukewarm - perhaps because of
Turner's 58-82-1 record in head coaching stints with Washington and Oakland -
the Chargers pointed to his previous experience and the chance at continuity.
Turner was San Diego's offensive coordinator in 2001, when he installed the
system that helped carry LaDainian Tomlinson to the league MVP award in

Looks like we're replacing one machine (The Art Shell Catatonic 1.0) with another. It will be a pleasure to watch the ineptness that is Norv Turner, as he runs another team into the ground. He sure is a dynamo and an efficient LOSR robot. The guy has lost 24 more games than he has won!!! That's 1 1/2 seasons. He would have to lead the Chargers to back to back 14-2 seasons just to get to .500. I am going to enjoy this next season, for it will not end well and most probably will end soon.

The one real point I'll make it this. WTF??? You gotta love the good old boy network sometimes. Leave it to professional sports to show us how little results actually matter. It's more about who you know and how far you can stick your tongue up someone's ass. I wish this was just limited to sports but it's not. Seriously though, who would hire this guy? I guarantee I could beat him in that NFL Head Coaching Game. Doesn't mean I should be an NFL coach.


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