Friday, February 16, 2007

The Missing Link

Apparently Scottie Pippen believes he could be the missing piece to an NBA team's championship puzzle. I disagree, given how poorly he performed at the tail end of his career. But far be it for me to tell Pippen want he can or can not do.

"I'm not going to be a nonstop high-flyer like I was in my prime," Pippen said.
"But I can still run. I can still dunk. But most of all, I know the game."

Wait a second. Are we talking about Pippen or Dominique Wilkins? I'm confused. I never recall him being a nonstop high-flyer. Oh well, time probably deludes his memory. Anyway, that delusion may explain his desire to return to the NBA. He has probably been torching the local rec league circuit, playing guys like myself. And that got him thinking that he was good enough for a final NBA try. Well, compared to me and my gravitationally challenged game, Pippen is a nonstop high-flyer. If asked to compete with current NBA athletes, I have my doubts.


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