Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Keith Urbans

I have a healthy disrespect for country music and even more disrespect for Keith Urban the singer.

Keith Urban (the singer): Ugly, mean, and untalented.

Apparently there is a NJ painter who sells his oil paintings on www.keithurban.com. This is upsetting to Keith Urban the singer (www.keithurban.net) because people are confusing him with the painter.

So what does Keith Urban the singer decide to do to rectify this Internet tragedy?

Keith Urban the singer decides to sue the painter to the stone age so that he can get his domain name. He also wants some cash for damages because Urban cried that day. I wasn't there, but I am sure of it.

Wow. What a jerk! If a judge hears this case, I think there is no justice left in this country. When rich idiot can just waltz into a room and take whatever the hell he/she wants, there is something seriously wrong.

Why doesn't Keith just buy the domain name? I'm sure the painter will sell it for a half million. Is he too cheap or too stupid to negotiate? Is Urban even his real last name? Hmmmmm....

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