Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Can Not Hear You

I imagine all these people flailing around with their eyes shut and fingers in their ears saying "I can not hear you." I can maybe understand if someone wants to argue that global warming is not man-made, if facts were preseented. Or maybe you have some scientific findings or discover mistakes with the scientific research behind global warming. I could maybe understand that. But to just state that the science is liberal...huh? Yet that's what I've been seeing as the defense to this survey. See, actually these Republicans are being strong. they're standing up against the myth of global warming that's being perpetuated by the liberal establishment.

Look, I'm liberal and that's crazy talk. Whatever the solution for global warming, it will require hard work and sacrifice. Would I prefer my life to become more complicated based on something not supported by evidence? Trust me - rational liberals would stop talking about global warming if there was a scientific consensus saying it did not exist or was a minor problem.

I would like to understand these people but I can't. These must be the same people who look in the mirror, ignore the fat person staring back at them, and put on clothing 3 sizes too small. Must be nice to be so oblivious to reality and either have something conform to your established belief or else dismiss is as liberal.


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