Monday, February 12, 2007

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Could someone help me out please? Were the Red Hot Chili Peppers ever good? Because I own a few of their CDs. And I could do down into storage and pull them out and listen to them. But my inclination is to let them be. For I remember listening to their god-awful version of the Dylan classic "Subterranean Homesick Blues" a year ago and I'm still frightened.

Why do I ask? Well, because at the point that most bands are already novelty acts, the Peppers are not only still relevant but arguably the most popular band in the land. I never would have pegged them for this longevity, even when I was digging them so. I imagined they would be playing a new song to boos until they launched into "Suck My Kiss". So am I missing something? Is it such an awful thing for them to be jumping around on my television set?

On a completely unrelated note it was good to hear that Mary J Blige won a few Grammys. I'm not a fan of her music per se, but I think she's immensely talented. That pop R&B is not really my thing. But I must admit that Mary J Blige does it better than anyone else.


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