Wednesday, January 03, 2007

There's No Crying in Politics

The right wing really is a bunch of f$ckin' babies. Ever sense the Democrats won the 2006 elections, all they have done is whine and bitch and cry. It must be hard when you've been persecuted for so long...wait, you guys controlled every branch of government for the past 6 years, Congress for the last 12 years, the Supreme Court for a long time*, etc. And before the Democrats even do anything, they've already started crying. Complaining about partisanship - pot calling kettle black. Here's some free advice to Dems - ignore them. This doesn't mean to not engage them or make rules fairer or actually work with the other side of the aisle. Just ignore their whining.

It reminds me of a rival soccer coach growing up. See, my dad was the coach. And this one coach would always call up the week before a game begging my dad to not run up the score and take it easy on him and so on and so on. On at least one occasions, we actually had ringers play for his team. Anyway, he wasn't whining for another other reason than to try to gain an advantage. That's all these losers are trying to do. And just like that soccer coach, they will cheat at every chance.


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