Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Resistance: Fall of Man

I'm not much of a video game guy nowadays. I used to think maybe I was just too old. Or maybe the games got too sophisticated, since I will always play Ms Pac-Man when I notice it in a bar. But I think the biggest explanation is the simplest - I'm just not around games anymore. If I were like in college or younger, I almost guarantee I would be playing a lot.

Why do I mention this, you might ask? Well, because I had a real fun Saturday night and all I did was play a video game with my friend. I highly recommend the game Resistance: Fall of Man for the PS3. It probably helped that my friend has a HDTV but the game and PS3 were awesome. Here's a description from Amazon.com:

Resistance: Fall Of Man takes you back in time to an early 20th century that's
very different from our own. Through brute force, a species of unknown origin
known only as the Chimera have conquered Asia and most of Europe in mere
decades. Seeing the risk of annihilation, the United States supports the British
Resistance in a European counterattack. The story follows Hale, a US Ranger, as
he struggles for survival and desperately seeks a means to eliminate the
Chimeran blight.

The game is just you completing missions, most involving killing these zombie like creatures. I highly recommend it.


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