Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Random Thoughts

Nikola Tesla (The man, not the band)
The eccentric overshadowed genius who discovered Alternating Current (AC) turned the electrical world on his head. AC allowed electricity to be transported long distances without degrading unlike Edison's DC electricity. In addition to his AC related inventions, Tesla did early work on radio communication, magnetism, X-rays, spark plugs, plasma, and early electronics.

In Later Years, Tesla was obsessed with the number 3.

Tesla greatly disliked and had utter contempt for his electrical contemporary Thomas Edison regarding him as an intellectual moron whose success was purely based on luck rather than mathematical and scientific reasoning. Despite his success and contribution to science and society, Nikola died alone penniless in New York City.

The Fuel of Tomorrow
The Popular Mechanics article on the fuel which will power our cars tomorrow is an interesting read. The ideal candidate must be eco-friendly, cheap, easy to produce, renewable, and efficient. It looks like hydrogen is out, and hybrid-electric is in. Unless of course there is a cheap way to store, produce, and pipe hydrogen. Bio-diesel seems like an ideal choice for trucks, Hmmmm....

The RIAA vs Illegal Downloaders
The average Recording Industry Academy of America (RIAA) settlement for illegally downloading music is a whopping $3,750. Most people settle since it is cheaper than going to court. Some legal scholars believe that the RIAA's evidence acquiring tactics may infringe's on an individual's privacy, property, and security rights. The settlement cost itself has also come into question since the RIAA has been unable to support their claims that illegal downloads affect overall record sales. At any one time approximately 6 million people in the USA are illegally downloading music and to date about ~5,000-10,000 have either settled or battled in court.

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