Friday, January 19, 2007

100 Hundred Hours V.S. Republican Rule

The Republican smear machine boggles the mind. They are the undisputed masters at deceiving and manipulating public perception.

For the last 6 years, it's been all about the tax cuts. Whoohoo! Ok. I don't know about you, but I get a couple hundred bucks out of this scam. That's enough to buy a Wii, but not enough to compensate for the increasing costs of medical bills, college tuition, gas, and utilities.

I suppose that is what happens when you put companies on permanents spring break. Just let the free markets balance everything out; kindly ignore the sky rocketing cancer rates, and the good paying jobs outsourced to third world countries.

Oh I suppose I am being harsh. After all the gays are "gettin" humiliated and there's fireworks in the desert. That's worth a couple hundred billion, right? There is a lot of risks of catching "gay" these days (Mark Foley.. A Democrat, right?) and don't get me started on the terrorists. Those crafty sons-of-a-bitches are multiplying like crazy in Jihad land.

Good days are coming though. After all the oil will pay for "Operation Standup Sit-Down Iraqi Freedom, a New Hope Mission Accomplished" and Osama, well didn't you hear... He's now running for president. Oh wait... that's Obama. Like it even matters when you have Hussien as a middle name. What's he running on any ways? Universal health care, looking out for the little guy. F*ck! Sounds like Communistic socialistic drivel to me! Not sure what that means... I don't own a dictionary. So... 19th century.

The message in 2008 should be, "Have you had enough?" As far as I'm concerned just about anyone can run on this platform, because anyone is better than Cheney and company.

Granted the Republican candidate will be sucking the corporate tit the whole time and denying it while the Democratic candidate will show lackluster enthusiasm while doing the crazy sign in reference to his opponent.

The American people will think, "Jesus haven't we've seen this all before?" Then they will narrowly vote for the Democratic candidate, but the voting machines will report the Republican as a winner. No one will question this outcome because it would be deemed "unAmerican". As a precaution Fox will air American Idol early as a distraction. Don't misunderestimate the healing power of Taylor Hicks!

As I bang my head in frustration, I will reminisce about freedom fries and a brain dead woman who captivated the affection of corporate do-gooders in the Senate. It was Easter, I recall; a time of new hope and joy. Doesn't it suck that the government didn't stop them from pulling the plug? So cruel... Given up for dead like so many kids on welfare!

So now it's 2007 and the Democratic controlled House just blitzed through their 100 hour initiative: Raise the minimal wage, cut interest on student loans, roll back tax cuts on oil industry subsidies, negotiate drug prices for Medicare, implement security measures based on recommendations of the 9/11 commission, and expand embryonic stem cell research.

Sure that's great... but how does it compare to dedicating another post office to Ronald Reagan or protecting Christmas from liberals? According to the media... Not much.

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Anonymous probabilityZero said...

Leave it to the "liberal media" to report about post offices rather than admit the Democrats are getting something done.

1/21/2007 06:14:00 PM  

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