Friday, December 29, 2006

Hypocrisy Inc.

The level of hypocrisy knows no bounds. While not surprising to anyone with a brain, it is still a surprise to the media. Either that, or they just don't want to upset their Republican overlords or are just too lazy to do any research. Anyway, here are 2 examples from the last few days.

Apparently former presidents are not supposed to criticize current presidents. This so-called rule has got all the DC blowhards in a tizzy as it was revealed that Ford criticized Bush to Woodward. Oh the humanity! No, we don't get upset that thousands of our best & brightest and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis in a war without a direction and without progress. We'll just get upset with the messengers, even if they wait until their death to allow the critique to be released. Only problem right wing propaganda machine. Your personal savior, Ronald Reagan, waited a whole month before criticizing Clinton. Do us all a favor and STFU!

And the right wing propaganda machine is unconsolable because Harry Reid is not attending Ford's funeral. My god are these so-called tough guys a bunch of f$ckin' babies. Only one big problem here - Bush is not planning to attend either. See, The Decider is on vacation and when the Decider's on vacation, #43 won't curtail it foranything. Not a warning that Al-Quaeda plans to attack, not for Katrina, not nothing. And The Decider even failed to attend St Reagan's funeral. So please just STFU.


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