Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Big F You

I usually don't want to be mean. Sure, I may rail against things and people and such, but hopefully they are well deserved or there's some humor or entertainment value in it. But not in this case. To certain relatives of mine (you know who you are) - F$CK YOU!

In the rare chance they happen to stumble across this blog, I'll thinly disguise the identities. Unless they are stupid (high likelihood), they should recognize it about themselves. I'll leave most of the pettiness aside, which unfortunately means most of the back story.

For some reason, my relatives hate my family. Not sure if it entails all of us or just select members. To be honest, I don't care - you don't take up sides against the family and expect me to like it. Especially when there is no rationale. As far as I can tell, they have 2 major gripes with my family. First, my brother did not take a picture of a newborn when he was taking pictures of kids. Even though this entailed an elaborate setup in the basement where a newborn will NOT sit still. Even though my brother explained he does not feel comfortable taking pictures of newborns before taking the pictures. Doesn't matter - he's a bad person for this. Instead of thanking him for the nice black & white and framed photos (no cost to them) of the 2 older kids, my aunt told my parents she was very upset with him for not taking the picture of the newborn.

Second, we dared to argue with my aunt when she ordered us to sit at the kid's table, even though we were ages 25-30. Even though a 26 year old could sit at the adult table, since he's married (first level to sitting at the table). Even though no one else separates into an adult and kid's table in our family. And yes, we would have been sitting at the table with 5-10 year olds because that's what she thinks of us unmarried relatives. It might be better if we hid in the darkness and maybe in a closet - please keep the unmarrieds away or IT may infect the children.

As far as I can remember, that's all we did. Well, I don't RSVP to the children stuff (birthday, baptisms, etc) or send presents. However, I live 5 hours away in another state and they are my 2nd cousins.

So here's the good part. On Christmas Eve, my aunt walked into the dining room where me and my 2 brothers, along with another aunt & uncle were eating. She walked in, saw who was there, and walked out without even faking like she was looking for someone. In one act, she made it perfectly clear he wants nothing to do with us. She can't even take 30 minutes to stomach sitting next to us. And for those who think she was looking for someone - she told my uncle to sit in that room before entering and seeing us. She went back out to the kitchen and told him they were sitting in the family room.

Generally, this stuff would be a slight bother to me. Something I find somewhat comical and talk about with my parents. But not this year. See, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. No, not the aunt who hates us. Rather, the aunt who was in the dining room with my brothers when the witch turned away. This would have been a nice opportunity to talk with her sister-in-law and generally be there for her. But she let some pettiness and an obscene amount of ego get in her way. So over the course of the night, she uttered no words to my sick aunt. Because of the reaction my "good" aunt had the following day, I can only say F$CK YOU!!! How dare you hurt someone I love so much when she is struggling with a disease. I have had enough and I'm done with you. Once again, F$CK YOU!


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