Friday, December 15, 2006

The Balboni Express Keeps Rolling

Wow!!! Steve Balboni may be the greatest baseball player of all time. At least you would think so the way he's played this season. He has lead the Hackensack Bulls to a 4-2 record in their last 2 series as they begin a crucial series against Clue Haywood. While still 12 games out at 23-28, Balboni IS making a strong argument for MVP. Take a look at league leaders in HRs and RBIs:

Hank Greenberg - 23
Roy Campanella - 19
Harmon Killebrew - 18
Jimmie Foxx - 17
Steve Balboni - 17
Babe Ruth - 16

Hank Greenberg - 59
Mel Ott - 47
Roy Campanella - 47
Harmon Killebrew - 46
Steve Balboni - 45
Babe Ruth - 44

That right folks, Steve Balboni is ahead of The Bambino!!! I think this proves once and for all that Steve "Bye Bye" Balboni was a better baseball player than Babe Ruth. If only HOF voters weren't so snooty and could see past Balboni's rather expansive waistline.

Next up for the Bulls are Charlie Crain's Clue Haywood team. It'll be a tough assignment, but any team with Balboni can not be counted out.



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