Monday, July 24, 2006

Still My Hero

While on vacation, I was watching the ESPN ticker, the scrolling sports scores and transactions while the regular program plays. To my shock and dismay, I saw that Sal Fasano was waived by the Philadelphia Phillies. What is this world coming to? When an out of shape, mediocre, borderline major league catcher with a porn moustache and a beer belly to rival any home run hitting softball star gets cut by a professional baseball team, what type of message is that sending to millions of children in our country. That you actually have to be extraordinary to be a major league baseball player. That you need to stay in shape to be a major league baseball player. That you need to have talent to fulfill your dreams. Well I'm sorry if I'm a little old-fashioned and a wide-eyed optimist but I don't like it. I prefer a country where someone as ordinary and untalented as Sal Fasano can make a decent living playing professional baseball. And here's hoping Sal Fasano finds a team willing to give him a second chance. Until then, here's someone else's opinion and below are his 2006 stats:

.243 BA, .284 OBP, 34 Hits, 9 Runs, 4 HRs, 10 RBIs

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