Thursday, July 27, 2006

Richie Rich

In George W Bush's America, the rich just keep getting richer. Corporations and the top 1% have never seen better days. Unfortunately, most of the rest of America has seen no improvement or actually seen a decline since the most incompetent president ever took office and lead us into endless war while simultaneously cutting taxes for the super wealthy. Is this what we want from our country?

So here's my question, since I'm an Economics major and I believe in market forces and all and am not opposed to company's making a profit. Why does our government continue to subsidize and give huge tax breaks to oil companies while said companies make record profits. We have an administration that LOVES to tell us how wonderful markets are. Yet for some reason they feel the need to throw an oil tanker full of money to these same companies. Shouldn't they let the market forces dictate what happens, since these markets are the greatest thing ever? Am I being too tin foil hat wearing if I question their motives considering they all have longstanding and deep ties with oil companies and Middle Eastern countries that supply oil?

Regardless, another quarter leads us to another quarter of huge profits to the oil companies. I'm glad someone is doing well in George Bush's America.

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