Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Enough with the Jesus

So I was flipping stations yesterday and happened to stop on that Jesus show Mike talked about last week, "Seventh Heaven" (I had to look at Mike's post for the name of the show). I have to admit to watching small portions of this show throughout it's seemingly non-stop run (is there a whole channel dedicated to this crapfest?). Not sure if I ever made it through more than 5 minutes, but that's besides the point.

Anyway, last night I saw the minister dude (guy from "Brewster's Millions", but that's another post) on stage with a guitar and had to stop. After a few seconds I realized they were playing that awful '70s song "Spirit in the Sky". Ok, the original is bad. But imagine the minister dude singing it with a wholesome backing band and it was hell. Not to mention the song is religious. Not that there's normally anything wrong with that but can't they not deal with religion for maybe 1% of the time. Even when the minister rocks out he apparently does it to religious music.

I wish he would go back to the corrupt lawyer/accountant/whatever who schemed to get Brewster to lose his millions in "Brewster's Millions". At least I wish he'd stop with the Jesus already - enough is enough.

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