Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Doogie Howser Update

Doogie Howser, MD - Then

Doogie Howser, The Lawyer - Now

I was watching TV the other day and stumbled across new episodes of "Doogie Howser". Only now, Doogie Howser is a lawyer who's always trying to score with chicks. And he apparently doesn't keep a daily journal on his computer anymore. They didn't say so, but I'm suspecting someone hacked onto his computer and used his take on life to write a bestselling book.

There were some drawbacks to the new Doogie though. Vinny was not present and wasn't even mentioned so I'm thinking they had a falling out. I'd like to think he'll return, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. There was also no Wanda, which really bummed me out. I always wondered what happened to her and thought her story would make a can't miss spinoff. We also didn't get a chance to catch up with Doogie's parents - I sure hope they're around and in good health and don't hate Doogie for his career switch.

My only complaint with the new Doogie Howser is that there is not enough Doogie. Whereas the first Doogie centered around Doogie, this show is much more of an ensemble. You have that band camp girl from "American Pie" and a bunch of other people who are no where as smart, cool, or interesting as Doogie. They should make the show be 90% about Doogie and then divide the other 10% around the remaining people. Maybe then I would have learned why exactly Doogie left medicine for the law or found out what happened to Wanda or heard more about Doogie's sexual conquests.

Anyway, if I ever need major surgery I'm going to see if Doogie can perform it.

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