Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Animal House

Wish this wasn't an actual picture of our preznit startling the German chancellor with a back massage

It's all just one big toga party if you're the most incompetent president of all time who can't even ride a bike or eat a pretzel without risking his life. Seriously, why don't you please grow up and act like a responsible adult. Granted, we should want more but it's apparent now that's not happening. I don't even want you to behave with the dignity of a world leader. I will accept you acting like a responsible adult at this point over your frat boy antics. Seriously, after this and your nonstop blabbing about the pig roast while the Middle East is falling apart. My God, the White House is not the world's most prestigious frat house.

Really, this is the guy we don't mind having unlimited and unchecked power?

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Blogger betmo said...

can't help but remember back to the campaign of 2000 when the repubs kept saying that they were going to 'restore dignity to the white house.' they also said that they were going to put adults back in washington- the pundits did anyway. looks like they did 'a heckuva job.'

7/18/2006 06:28:00 PM  

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