Sunday, June 25, 2006

First Woman Selected in NBA Draft?

Hard to believe this show was once the top rated Saturday morning show

With the NBA draft a few days away, I have been frantically looking over the expert's predictions so I could make my best guess. Actually, I won't be making a guess as to who they should take; rather, I'll be making a guess as to whom they would take 10 years from now if they knew now what they'll know then.

Looking through all this information, I was startled to not see Julie Connor's name anywhere. As a star basketball player on the men's basketball team at Deering High, Julie appeared set to break through the gender barrier that has plagued professional sports. In fact, she used her success at Deering to gain a scholarship at Tennessee, albeit the woman's team. But after averaging 45 points per game, it was apparent that the WNBA game would pose little challenges to someone with Julie's immense talent. So here's hoping someone takes a chance on the genderless talent of Julie Connor. 10 years from now, she may be remembered as the diamond in the rough from this draft class. Let's hope someone has the guts to take the first woman in the NBA draft.

Below is how I would expect this year's NBA draft (first 10 picks) to look if they could redo it 10 years from now:

Toronto: Kevin Pittsnogle - will revolutionize the NBA game and make "You've Been Pittsnogled" the new "Boo-Ya".
Chicago: Julie Connor - while she plays below the rim, her sound fundamentals and sweet stroke will usher in a genderless NBA and cause the WNBA to fold. It's debateable which is more important.
Charlotte: Brandon Roy - in a draft missing superstars, Roy will have a very solid though not spectatular career.
Portland: JJ Redick - though not for his abilities, as he'll last slightly longer in the league than Trajan Langdon. Rather, his recent DWI meets the legal requirements that a Blazer draft pick must have some history with law enforcement.
Atlanta: Rudy Gay - I believe it's a rule that the Hawks only draft small forwards.
Minnesota: Tyrus Thomas
Boston: Andrea Bargnani - the guy who will make Celtics fans forget Dino Radja.
Houston: LaMarcus Aldridge - Just to remake the Twin Towers or whatever they used to call Akeem and Ralph Sampson.
Golden State: Adam Morrison - Though his scoring abilities will be put to the test when Dirty Harry starts looking into the mysterious deaths beginning after he moves into his shack.
Seattle: Xavier McDaniel - Just because the Sonics should draft the X Man every year. Plus, they could tie him in with the movies.

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Tom how did your party go from the beer fund? any strippers?? LOL

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