Friday, June 23, 2006

Am I a Traitor?

Here's something strange I noticed over the whole World Cup fiasco. I was secretly rooting for the US to lose. And it's not due to some sinister plot to ensure soccer never catches on in this country to become one of the major sports. Rather, it just seems too obvious. It's probably why I have a hard time getting into the Olympics.

See, it just feels like rooting for the US is like rooting for the Yankees. You're rooting for the behemoth, the big enchilada. There's not a whole lot of fun in that. I know technically the US was in an underdog role. But the country itself is the lone superpower. And maybe I secretly enjoy the US not being the best in something. That way we have a goal to achieve.

Maybe I secretly feel that way about The Olympics. Plus, I always feel like the US is cheating in one way or another. Not technically cheating, mind you. But cheating against the intent of the games. And I find it more in the winter games, where we are constantly adding events we invented and hardly anyone else competes in to ensure we'll have a high medal total.

Then again, I love my country. Does secretly rooting against the US in sporting events mean I'm a traitor?

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Blogger melanaise said...

no, you were rooting for the underdog. Everyone does that. I know.

I get rooted for. ;-)

6/24/2006 03:59:00 AM  

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