Sunday, February 26, 2006

There Was Nothing Super About Supertramp

Sure, they had some minor hits in the '70s, but I think it was a stretch for them to use super in their band name. I guess "Give a Little Bit" is an ok song. I mean, I'm not positive I'd turn the station if it came on the radio. But at no point in my life have I ever thought, "You know what I want to hear right now? Some Supertramp." So starting right now I will only refer to them as The Tramp. Then again, this may be the first time I've mentioned The Tramp ever - so we'll see.

With further investigation we might discover that The Tramp really were super, just not musically. Take the picture above. The guy on the left may just happen to be the greatest pool shark the world has ever seen - who else would carry a pool cue around with them (maybe someone from a band with the adjective super in it?). Or is that a baseball bat? I'd like to think they were a mediocre softball team that formed a band so they could beat up on REO Speedwagon and Bad Company in the rock n' roll softball league. And the guy in the middle may be the quickest draw in the whole wild west. Or at least an effective sheriff who kept the gun fightin' to a minimum. The guy on the right might be a world class runner.

So until there's further evidence, I conclude that The Tramp was definitely not super.


Blogger troutmask said...

Always hated them. Try to have a higher voice.
Once I was on vacation in Madrid Spain, and I hung out at this small bar that played lots of deep cuts classic rock. Suddenly they were playing Supertramp -the logical song. I started laughing because it was so out of place from the good stuff they had been playing. I asked the disc jockey why he was playing it- Supertramp is the BEST he said, seriously. Maybe it was a European thing.

2/27/2006 11:48:00 PM  

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