Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dear Tommy

In what I plan to be a regular feature, I will search the Internet to find some Frequently Asked Questions. But instead of having the question and answer I will attempt to answer the question. We'll see if this works, but I'll start by googling a word + FAQS. I'm open to suggestions for words so keep them coming. Tonight: Soup (thanks to the ad from Google AdSense).

What is the shelf life of my Campbell canned product?
Thanks to canned food drives, there is no such thing as a shelf life for a canned product. I probably wouldn't try to eat anything more than a year or 2 old. But I guarantee a canned food drive would accept anything. So you can get rid of expired food and feel good at the same time. Much better than if you just threw it out. Sure, in both cases a homeless person ends up eating it. But there is not the satisfaction of someone seeing you do something good.

Did you name the group after the neon Hot Soup signs?
This is a common misconception so I'm happy to clear it up. We're actually called Hot Soup because we pass the rock around so fast and carefully that you'd think we were playing with hot soup.

Is there anything that we do not take?
I can only speak for myself so here I go. I don't take kindly to strangers. I don't take candy from a baby. And I don't take anything that isn't mine. Everything else I either take, have taken, or plan to take eventually.

Where can I find information on the Yellow Ribbon Project?
Most races have information available at the finish line. If there is none there, then they probably ran out. I recommend contacting the race coordinator or the event planner in those instances.

Does Alphabet Soup run on MAC?
No. Alphabet Soup runs on Johnny 5 with a little guidance from Steve Guttenberg. I recommend keeping your distance if you aren't prepared for hilarity to ensue.


Blogger Mike K said...

I always thought this was a great post. I hope you write another Dear Tommy.

4/27/2006 04:25:00 PM  

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