Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Current Thoughts

Isiah Thomas:
Obviously does not know what he is doing as the Knicks president of basketball operations. The Knicks kind of suck this year. Note to Isiah: Stop copying off Dumars' playbook. It is not working.

The Clash:
Definitely will get your blood pumping in the morning. Not for the faint of heart. If you have not heard the London Calling album, you have not lived.

Janet Jackson:
Rumor has it that she will be dropped from Virgin if she doesn't shed the pounds. She must be suffering from Mariah Carreyism.

The Pistons:
Their record is unbelievable. Brown leaving definitely made the team better. Who could have predicted that one?

Yuengling Beer:
You can only find it in PA, NJ, NY, FL, NC, SC, AL, VA, MD, DE, and DC which is unfortunate, because it is damn good and fairly affordable. My favorite is the Porter followed by the Black and Tan. Actually the Light Beer is not that bad and neither is the Premium.


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