Thursday, February 23, 2006

Celebrity Olympics

I was just flipping stations waiting for some friends to arrive to work on a sketch/short film idea. And I notice that The Olympics has figure skating on. But then I turn to Fox and notice Skating with Celebrities is on. Well, now you've got my attention Mr TV. I'll be very curious to find out which show has a greater audience. My money is on the celebrities.

This all leads me to a great idea I'll have to fully explore at a later date. Why restrict The Olympics to athletes. Why not make a Celebrity Olympics? Guess it'd be a little like The Gauntlet but without such annoying people. Again, this deserves more exploration for another day.

Which leads into another idea I had awhile back - Globetrotter Survivor. Place 10 Harlem Globetrotters on one island and 10 Washington Generals on another and let them square off. Reward challenges could be for confetti, ladders, popcorn, etc. I know I would watch.


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