Monday, February 20, 2006

Bush: Five Years and No Results

George W. Bush is not serious about reducing our dependency on foreign sources of oil and supporting alternative forms of energy when he and his staff are crisscrossing the country burning up millions of dollars in airline fuel. How about leading by example for a change instead of posturing for a plan that you under funded anyways? It’s not really about the fuel as much as the way the Bush administration is run. Whenever Bush goes down in the polls, the administration goes on a public relations tour. How about making a real change for once? Show us you are serious by really funding the research in alternative energies instead of talking about it. How about rebuilding New Orleans instead of just using it as backdrop for a political speech? How about actually protecting our airports and seaports instead of saying you’re tough on terror? The list goes on. The Bush Administration is all talk and very little do.


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